The Day - Pandemic - 4 Oct 2020

Table of content - The Day - Pandemic (4 Oct 2020)

Life in the time of pandemic
Mike DiMauro considers high school athletes and the day the games stopped. Page
Julia Bergman remembers some of the Connecticut lives lost to the deadly coronavirus. Page
Brian Hallenbeck looks at how the region faced a ‘tidal wave that never came.’ Page
Erica Moser examines Connecticut’s economy and asks: Will lost jobs come back? Page
Kimberly Drelich on how we are trying to adapt to a new way of learning. Page
Six feet apart and days spent alone
Left to right, top to bottom,
‘Threat must be taken seriously’
‘A tidal wave that never came’
Nursing homes bear the brunt
Adapting to a new way of learning
‘Stop complaining, start complying’
The day the games stopped
Will lost jobs return?
Those we lost
Game over
Neighbors helping neighbors
‘Still keeping our guard up’
Theaters and arenas went dark
Beckoned by the call of the wild

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