The East of Thames - 20 Jun 2021

Table of content - The East of Thames (20 Jun 2021)

Class of 2021
The kids are alright
Accept and embrace change
Perspective is a beautiful thing
Fitch High School Class of 2021
Jaylin “Jay” Harris
Caeden Foxhoven
Makayla McBride
Katie Shaughnessy
Isaac Seth Bordelon
Luke Frost
Ariana Nicole Timmerman
Samantha R. Maiolo
Juliet Kotfer
Britney Nigrelli
We can make anything happen
We won’t get lost
Mara Elizabeth Sked
Gavin Joseph O’Hara
Rick Dunn
Chase J. McGrath
Grasso Technical High School Class of 2021
A really good chapter
Creating bonds
Aidan Thor Robertson
Frank Benjamin Frias
Madison Trout
Kira Eve Kassim
Ledyard High School Class of 2021
Shailynn Williams
Mackenzie Peluso
Laura Pellowski
Hannah B. Jones
Conner Finkelstein
Luke Wiers
Zachary Boudah
Makayla O’Connor
Paige Booth
Becoming global citizens
The value of patience
Marine Science Magnet High School Class of 2021
Meghan Diane Hall
Ashley Morrell
Jordan Sawicki
Ryan Kelly
Importance of adaptability
Be patient and persevere
Norwich Technical High School Class of 2021
Deegan Lucas Perry
Jackson Kempesta
Stonington High School Class of 2021
Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School
Igniting change
Miguel Flowers
Pushing through to the end
Wheeler High School Class of 2021
Grace Armstrong
Abigail Hare

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